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Brief Introduction to Negros Occidental Province

Negros Occidental Province is situated in the west and north of Negros Island, neighboring Visayan Sea in the north, Tanon Strait and Negros Oriental Province in the east, Panay Gulf and Guimaras Strait in the west and Sulu Sea in the south. As the 7th largest province in the country, it boasts a total landmass of 7,926.1 square kilometers. There are plains and slight slopes in the north and west, and a range of mountains in the east.

The province consists of 13 cities, 20 municipalities and 661 barangays, with its capital named Bacolod. The population is 2,565,723(data of 2000), the 2nd largest of the country. The mainly used languages are Hiligaynon and Cebuano.

The major industries are sugar manufacturing, fishery, copper mining and cottage industry. The province enjoys such fame as "the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines", and the sugar manufacturing is the mainstay of its economy. It has 15 sugar mills, with Victorias Mill being the world's largest integrated sugar mill and refinery. A fishing industry is found in Cadiz City, and other fishponds dot the province. One of the country's largest copper mines is located in Sipalay City. There also exists a cottage industry which produced handicrafts made from indigenous materials.


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