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Brief Introduction to Negros Oriental Province

Negros Oriental Province is situated in the southeast of Negros Island and the middle point of the Central Visayas region, 1 hour flight away from Manila and 30 minutes away from Cebu, and has a total landmass of 5,401 square kilometers. It is rich in mineral resources, having such metallic minerals as copper, magnetite and manganese, and such non-metallic minerals as silica, coal, plaster, silicate and pottery clay. The climate in a year is divided into dry season from December to May and wet season from June to November.

The province is consisted of 5 cities, 20 municipalities and 557 barangays, with its capital named Dumaguete. Its population is 1,126,000(data of 2000), with Cebuano, Hiligaynon and Tagalog as the major languages spoken.

The main sectors include agriculture, cottage industry, industry and tourism. The major agricultural products are copra, rice, corn, vegetable, fruit, abaca and tobacco. The cottage industry mainly includes stone craft, cloth weaving, basket knitting, food processing and reservation and T-shirt printing. The industry is made up of sugar manufacturing, ore mining and construction. The major tourism resources are the green villages, high mountain and cave adventure, pretty beach, world-class marine resources preservation zone, charming shallow water area and playful dolphin and whale.


For more information, please log on www.negor.gov.ph.

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