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Brief Introduction to Iloilo Province

Iloilo Province is situated in the south and northeast of Panay Island, belonging to the Western Visayas region of the Philippines(VI Region), neighboring Capiz Province and Jintotolo Channel in the north, Guimaras Strait in the south, Panay Gulf and Iloilo Strait in the east, and Antique Province in the west. It boasts a total landmass of 4,663 square kilometers, of which 75% are disposable land and 25% are forestland, with red woods occupying over 7,000 hectares. One third of the landmass is plain and there are also hills and mountains in the province. In the south, north and center, dry season is from December to June and rainy season is from July to November, while its bordering area with Capiz has no distinct dry and rainy seasons.

The province includes 2 cities, 42 municipalities and 1,901 barangays, with its capital named Iloilo City. The aggregated population is 1,925,000(data of 2000), and the mainly used language is Hiligaynon.

The major sectors consist of agriculture, fishery, industry, handicraft and tourism. The main agricultural products are rice, corn, legume, mango banana and pineapple. Fishery concentrates on capturing fishes and other marine products. The industry features cola canning, sugar manufacturing and leaf oil processing. The handicraft includes gift and furniture processing. There are many scenic sites in Iloilo, ranging from historical and cultural interests to natural scenic spots, accommodating around 100,000 people from home and abroad.


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