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Brief Introduction to Southern Leyte Province

Southern Leyte Province is one of the six provinces in the Eastern Visayas Region, neighboring Leyte Province in the north, facing the Pacific in the east, Camotes Sea in the west and Sogod Gulf in the south. It boasts a total landmass of 1,734.8 square kilometers, and its terrain features relatively flat land along its coastal area and rugged mountainous interior regions, with many rivers. In the east, there is no dry season and a very pronounced maximum rain period occurs in the months of November to January. In the west, the rainfall is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. The province abounds with many sorts of mineral resources, including such metallic minerals as gold, copper, iron, lead and zinc, and such non-metallic ones as clay, limestone and marble. It has 334 hectares of land planted with red woods.

The province has 1 city, 18 municipalities and 500 barangays, with its capital named Maasin City. Its aggregated population is 383,590(data of 2004), of which 80% is in the countryside. The main language is Cebuano.

The major industries are agriculture, fishery and handicraft making. The main agricultural products are copra, abaca fibre, banana, rice, corn, fruits, vegetable and poultry meat, etc.. The main marine products include tuna, flying fish, mackerel, shells and lobster, etc.. The main handicraft products are ceramics, and items made of abaca, coconut and bamboo.


For more information, please log on www.southernleyteonline.com/ or http://elgu.ncc.gov.ph/ecommunity/southernleyte/.

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