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Brief Introduction to (Western) Samar Province

Samar Province, 802 kilometers away from Manila, is situated in the west end of Samar Island and to the southeast of Luzon Island, bounded on the north by Northern Samar Province, on the east by Eastern Samar Province, on the west by Samar Sea and on the south by Leyte Gulf. It is a mountainous province, with a total landmass of 549,100 hectares, of which 63.5% are alienable and disposable and 31.4% are forestland. Generally, the area is dry from February to April and wet during the rest of the year.  Maximum rainfall usually occurs from November to January.

The province is made up of 1 city------its capital named Catbalogan, 25 municipalities and 952 barangays. Its total population is above 600,000, of which 95% are Filipinos. There are some Chinese, Americans and other foreign nationals. Ninety percent of the people speak Waray, and others speak Cebuano, Boholano, Tagalog, local dialects, English and Chinese.

The major industries are agriculture, cattle raising, fishery, forestry, mining and tourism, etc.. The province is the main supplier of fishes for Visayas, Luzon Island and Mindanao Island. It has abundant forest resources and boasts plenty of raw materials which can be made into non-traditional export products. There are also some reserves of metallic and non-metallic minerals. Inside the province, there are 20 scenic spots, all having resorts with spring and sea beach.


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