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Brief Introduction to Siquijor Province

Siquijor Province is a small separated island between Visayas and Mindanao. Neighboring Cebu and Bohol in the north, it is nearest to Negros Oriental Province, being only 30 kilometers away, and 565 kilometers away from Manila. It boasts a total landmass of 343 square kilometers, occupying merely 0.11% of the national territory. A major part of the province is mountainous area made of coral rocks, together with 84.46 square kilometers of relatively flat coastal area, 15 square kilometers of beach and 3.8 square kilometers of tropical forest. Its climate of the year is divided into dry season and rainy season, with the annual average temperature of 27.8 degrees centigrade and the annual average rainfall of 1,305 mm, and the humidity stands at 78%.

The province is made up of 6 municipalities and 134 barangays, with its capital named Siquijor Municipality where 1/4 of the population resides. It has a total population of 100,000, of which the majority live in the countryside and over 90% are literate. The major language used is Cebuano, and a small number of people speak the local dialect, Tagalog or Spanish.

Despite the rugged terrain, agriculture is still the predominant sector in the province, and some 13 600 hectares are under agriculture cultivation. The major crops are corn, coconut, cassava, rice, rubber, mango and jackfruit, etc.. The main export products are copra, knitting craft, toy and garment. There are 18,000 hectares of forestland with a rather high production of timber. The fishery output is relatively big, with not only fish farms on the sea but also fresh water and marsh fish ponds.


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