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Wang Yi Holds a Group Meeting with Troika Foreign Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

On September 24, 2019 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a group meeting with Troika Foreign Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the United States. Youssef bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs of Oman, the current rotating presidency of the GCC; Anwar Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, the incoming rotating presidency of the GCC; GCC Secretary General Abdul Latif Bin Rashid Al Zayani; Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait and others attend the meeting.

Wang Yi said, over the past year, China's relations with the GCC countries have made new progress. Trade between the two sides has increased by 30 percent. This is commendable in the current global trade downturn, indicating that both sides enjoy enormous cooperation potential. The two sides have achieved remarkable results in exchanges and cooperation in such areas as infrastructure construction, two-way investment, 5G communication, tourism and culture. The Chinese side is willing to consolidate the good momentum with the GCC side and jointly promote greater development of bilateral relations.

Wang Yi said, both sides should firmly support each other in safeguarding their core interests and major concerns. The Chinese side supports the GCC countries in independently exploring development paths, and opposes any country's interference in the internal affairs of the GCC countries in the vein of issues such as religion, human rights and counter-terrorism. The Chinese side is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in counter-terrorism and deradicalization with the GCC side. The two sides should speed up the negotiation on the free trade zone between China and the GCC countries. This is conducive to further tapping into potential, expanding space, injecting more impetus into China-GCC cooperation, and helping the transformation and development of the GCC countries. It is also a step to safeguard multilateralism and free trade with practical actions.

The GCC side said, China is the most trusted friend and most important partner of the GCC countries. Both sides maintain a solid political foundation. In recent years, the relations between the GCC countries and China have enjoyed constant development on the basis of mutual respect, and mutual benefit and win-win results. The two sides have also witnessed frequent mutual visits, and rapid growth in cooperation in various fields including trade and investment, benefiting the people of both sides. The GCC side attaches great importance to China's international status and influence. Strengthening relations with China is an urgent task and a top priority for the GCC side. The GCC side hopes to strengthen coordination and expand cooperation with the Chinese side to promote GCC-China relations to new highs. The GCC side supports China's stance and measures in counter-terrorism and deradicalization, and stands ready to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Chinese side in this regard and continue to support the Chinese side's position on Xinjiang-related issues.

The GCC side briefed on the current situation in the Gulf region and appreciated the Chinese side's constructive role in maintaining peace and stability in the Middle East. Wang Yi said, China has no private interests in the Gulf region of the Middle East, and is willing to develop and maintain sound relations with all countries on the basis of equality and mutual respect. The Chinese side supports all diplomatic efforts that are conducive to promoting the easing of the regional situation and stands ready to continue playing a positive and constructive role in promoting security, development and prosperity in the Gulf region.

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