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Wang Yi: Devote Every Effort to Handle Each and Every Consular Protection Case

On October 21, 2019 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the opening ceremony of the new Consular and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chinese Embassy in France and unveiled the new site in Paris.

Wang Yi expressed, to serve the people is the very purpose of China's diplomatic service. It is the unshakable duty of diplomats to fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all Chinese organizations and individuals overseas. Last year, China's Foreign Ministry and Embassies and Consulates overseas handled more than 85,000 consular protection cases, an average of 230 cases per day, and 1 case every 6 minutes. Every consular protection case involves the vital interests of a family, a group, and even their safety. Therefore, we must devote every effort to handle each and every consular protection case. Additionally, Chinese Embassies and Consulates issued nearly 12 million copies of various consular documents last year, benefiting hundreds of millions of people.

Wang Yi noted, the Chinese Embassy in France undertakes a heavy workload of consular activities. Last year, the Embassy handled more than 2,300 consular protection cases and issued more than 200,000 copies of various consular documents. What we see today is the new Consular and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, whose office and service conditions have been comprehensively improved. And it will provide a comfortable environment and convenient conditions for Chinese and foreign friends seeking help. Chinese Embassies and Consulates are the first places for overseas Chinese to go home, and also the first windows for foreign friends to understand China. We need to comprehensively upgrade the level of the consular services, to make overseas Chinese feel at home and inspire foreign friends to visit China. We need to turn the small window of consular activity to a big stage for new outlook of China and promoting bilateral exchanges.

More than 100 people including Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye, as well as representatives of local Chinese, Chinese-funded institutions and foreign students were present at the event.

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