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Wang Yi: Any Attempt to Contain China Is Doomed to Fail

On December 5, 2019 local time, when communicating with friendly personages of various circles of the Republic of Korea in Seoul, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, the reason why China could score remarkable development achievements is that we have found a correct development path, namely the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics led by the Communist Party of China. The path conforms to China's condition, and goes with the trend of the times. It has not only been proved to be successful by practice, but has also shown great vitality. It enjoys the wholehearted support of the Chinese people, and has also gained understanding and popularity from a growing number of countries in the world.

Wang Yi noted, it is certain that not everyone hopes to see China succeed. Some forces always spare no effort in discrediting China, having pessimistic forecast about China, and even advocating containing China. This comes down to the prejudice of ideology as well as arrogance of power politics. However, all these attempts are doomed to fail. Every single country has the right to develop, and every single nation should be treated equally. The Cold War mentality has long been outdated and bullying finds no support. The national rejuvenation of China is an inexorable trend of the times that nobody can stop. China's development path is the choice of our own people, and will surely become increasingly broad.

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