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Premier Li Keqiang Chairs Meeting of Central Leading Group On Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak

On 4 June, Li Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Premier of the State Council, and head of the Central Leading Group on Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, chaired a meeting of the leading group.

The meeting underlined the imperative to earnestly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and carry out the work plans of the leading group.

It urged persisting with solid and thorough measures against any resurgence of infections at home, and improving work on averting import of cases in light of the shifting situation overseas.

The meeting stressed the need to enhance capacity building for containment and treatment, and beef up the public health system at a faster pace. It called for building on the gains made in COVID-19 response to boost the reopening of businesses and schools and achieve full normalcy in life and work.

The meeting noted the effective containment efforts made by relevant sub-national governments and departments during the recent NPC and CPPCC sessions, which provided enabling conditions for the smooth convening of the two sessions.

Despite the overall stable COVID-19 situation nationwide, there have been sporadic cases in a few localities over the past two weeks, and there still exist asymptomatic cases in the country and the risk of case import remains real.

Going forward, the meeting required pressing ahead with normalized containment measures, bolstering medical management of asymptomatic cases, and continuing to release factual information in an open and transparent manner.

Sub-national governments are required to carefully review their normalized containment measures, and make timely and targeted adjustments to these measures in light of restored normalcy in life and work at home and possibly rising international travel.

The State Council inter-agency task force will provide stronger guidance for wider resumption of economic activity in such sectors as tourism, culture and sports. With school reopening across the board, the meeting urged all schools to strictly enforce the technical protocols and guidelines for COVID-19 control on campus, and develop detailed and whole-process prevention and control for key events such as senior high school and college entrance exams. Emergency response drilling should be undertaken and necessary preparedness in containment material and manpower enhanced.

The meeting noted the steady improvement in China's novel coronavirus testing capacity thanks to collective efforts from all sides. More than three million nucleic acid samples can now be tested per day.

The meeting called for ensuring testing for all key populations in need and for all those who so choose, and addressing without delay any shortfall in the testing capacity of some local CDCs and hospitals. In particular, stronger measures should be taken to boost the research and development, and production of rapid testing reagents and mobile, easy-to-operate devices, to facilitate testing in more settings as needed.

Emergency preparedness, treatment capacity, and reserve of containment supplies must be enhanced. Scientific research on vaccines and effective drugs, and international cooperation need to be intensified.

The meeting recognized the progress made in the R&D and trials of vaccines. It urged vigorously pushing forward the clinical trials in all phases in keeping with laws of science and relevant regulations, to secure early breakthrough and provide strong safeguards for the health of the people.

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